Shore Soap is available online now!

What an achievement! (And I write this when I haven't even published my soap website yet!) After selling Shore Soap at craft fairs, pop up markets, Christmas shows in high schools, farmers markets and casual purchases by friends off Facebook - I am finally getting my act together and selling on a real website.

Trust me, I have built many websites over the years but this one has been more painful. I suppose I want it to truly represent the spirit of Shore Soap since it's playful, relaxing, nourishing and good for you. Most soap brands aren't playful but since I cater to children as well as adults, there will always be rubber duckies floating on soap :)

I should mention that Shore Soap benefits The Shore Grief Center and will always at some level. The Shore Grief Center is a nonprofit started by myself in 2010 as a way to help others who are having a difficult coming to terms with a death. It is very difficult to garner donations for what we do; it seems only group attendees truly value our mission. So in order to have funds coming in all year long I turned a hobby into a fundraiser. True, the money I earn from soap sales barely pays for the websites I manage but it's something. If you'd like to support The Shore, please visit our website for more information and our donation page -

May peace and wellbeing follow you the remainder of your life -

Carolyn Zahnow

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