About Shore Soap


Shore Soap started as a business in 2015 in Youngsville, NC by Carolyn Zahnow. The process of designing and creating soap and other bath and beauty products fulfilled her need to relieve stress of everyday life and as well as a creative outlet. Carolyn has been an entrepreneur since the early 2000's. Carolyn started a greeting card business (Car Cards), wrote and published two books ("Save the Teens" and "Beautiful Disasters"), founded a nonprofit to help those grieving after a death (The Shore Grief Center) and became a public speaker. Since working since she was 16, Carolyn now is counting the years till retirement (ahhh!) but knows that she will continue to be creative in soap making as that is her way to stay sane in this crazy world.

Our mission: 

Shore Soap's mission is to provide safe and healthy bath and body products that are fun, playful, colorful and scented with just the right amount of fragrance. We aim to keep our prices within reason of not overpriced nor too low to devalue our brand. We know you'll love our designs as well as our ever growing product line.