Lavender Soap by Shore Soap - all natural
Top of all natural lavender soap - a light dusting of glitter is sprinkled on top.
Lavender soap by Shore Soap

Lavender Soap - All Natural

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Our most popular essential oil, lavender, is great in bar soap and more. We create lavender soap with all natural ingredients. It is so popular, it's almost impossible to keep in stock! Try a bar or three today and see for yourself.

Why not complete your lavender fantasy with lavender body butter, sugar scrub and room/ pillow spray? All will keep you calm so you can carry on!

Ingredients include Olive oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Lavender Essential Oil,Yogurt or Goat's Milk for creaminess, colored with Mica.

Net Wt 4.0 oz  

 Handcrafted in Youngsville NC